Our crew

Our crew

David Chan

CTO / Founder

David has been working as a web developer professionally since 2008. However, he first discovered his passion for software development when he got his hands on a copy of FrontPage 97 and Flash. Since then, David continues to tinker with the latest trends in software technology and acquired a vast array of valuable experience.

David followed his love for software production, visual design and programming, with several teams, before eventually leaving his role as a Senior Director to start Lumen Software where he aims to take his craft to the next level with his crew.

Kien Vuong

Director of Engineering

Kien is the technical expert in all fields of web software development. He has a knack for developing with the latest technologies utilizing all the correct software development pattern. Kien is a zen master programmer and he believes in code purity. There are no requirement challenges he can't overcome and he consistently over delivers.

Kien's presence in the room is enough to convince you that you're in good hands.

Masato Takeda

Full Stack Web Developer

Masato is an experienced full-stack developer. His career is peculiar - he started to work as a translator. However, as it happens quite naturally to anyone, his interest turned to simple and elegant computer languages from complex and beautiful natural languages. After teaching programming for a few years in the previous job, impressed by David's philosophy of always challenging new things, he became a member of Lumen. He is pursuing the complete code that makes full use of the characteristics of the language, and loves the framework that can realize it.

Currently Typescript and Angular are his favorites.

Cécile Habran

Design Generalist

Cecile is a swiss-knife (or should we say a belgian-knife), juggling with various skills, from front-end development to illustration, including design.

Cecile studied illustration for three years then chose to learn web design and development for three more years. Since, she's always trying to use them both in the same projects, with the idea that they're great partners in UI and help user having a great experience.

George Grafos

Web Developer

George is fresh out of university and ready to leave his mark on the industry. He completed a Computer Science program in college in order to pursue a career in video game development. However, he turned his gaze towards web development after taking a class in school. George has taken part in several hackathons, and even won one too!

He loves trying different things and learning new technologies.

Jon Salvador

Front-End Developer

Jonelle really enjoys integrating beautiful designs into reality. He started working as a Front end developer since 2012. He enjoys creating widgets that can be configurable and reusable all over the site. His interest in design and developing engaging user interfaces is what drove him to improve himself as a Front end developer.

Jonelle enjoys learning new software development frameworks, libraries and programming philosophies.

Yunlong Ma

Back-end / AI Developer

Yunlong begins a career in data science and web development at Lumen Software. He received his master's degree in computer engineering and his research focused on deep learning techniques and image processing. Now he aims at applying machine learning in the back-end web development in order to provide more possibilities to expand software values.

Always keeping himself updated with the latest technology, Yunlong loves coding and wants to deliver the benefits of technology innovation to everyone.

Martin Lemay

Interactive Software Developer

Martin is an object oriented programmer with a passion for visual and interactive experiences. From game engines such has Unreal and Unity to core libraries such has XNA or OpenGL, making the best user experience while creating unique programs is always at the core of his design. Martin completed a bachelor in Computer Science with a Major in Computer Games and had already amassed a lot of experience in multiple domains even prior completing his degree.

Martin also participated in many Game Jams as well as creating complex personal projects. Passionate about what he does, Martin always goes the extra mile to deliver the best results.

Shirley Li

Web developer

Impacted by her parents who are both software engineers, Shirley found her passion in software development at a very young age. Upon completing her Bachelor’s degree of Science and Economy, Shirley started to pursue her Master’s degree of Software Engineering to gain more in-depth understanding of software development, especially design and development of data-intensive applications.

Shirley's goal is to produce elegant and functional applications with excellent result.

Always passionate about learning new techniques, new ideas and new ways of thinking, Shirley never stops learning.

Tu Tran

Full Stack Web Developer

Tu has been a core contributing member with the team since he is still in McGill University and now officially part of Lumen Software after graduating. Tu took interest in web application development through a software engineering course and started a deep dive into the world of web development with the latest technologies. He hasn't looked back since.

Tu always tries to better himself, he never stops learning and not afraid of failure. In fact, Tu is currently taking on mobile application development and he is absolutely enjoying the many exciting challenges!

Mariko Seki

3D Generalist

Mariko Seki worked in the anime industry for few years in Japan.  Inspired by The Lord of the Rings, she left the studio to pursue English studies in New Zealand. After discovering her first experience studying abroad, Mariko came to Canada to expand her animation knowledge with game arts. Although Mariko have professional experience creating 3D stylized (cute style) objects, she is interested in real-time 3D rendering and personally prefers making commercial and realistic design. Mariko is currently applying her knowledge in to our internal projects. She enjoys learning and getting into deep dives of our tools and technology stacks.

Sarah de Léséleuc

Generalist Artist

Born with drawing and creativity skills. At a very young age (childhood years), always loves watching a lot of behind the scenes (making of) in movies and video games and, since then, decided to become an artist in 2D & 3D animation field. Graduated from NAD-UQAC university in 3D Animation & Design program and worked for a variety studios in Montréal for multiple video games and media productions. Winner of the Entertainment Software Association of Canada for the 2020 student video game contest with a video game school project. Enjoys to learn and to try new technologies and new programs. Multitask in 2D and 3D productions from design to 3D animated models.

Always loves to create pieces of art in a great variety styles for multiple types of video games and media.

Our combined skills

Our combined skills

Front-End + UI Development

  • ReactJS
  • Angular
  • Redux
  • SASS
  • JQuery
  • Wordpress
  • JavaScript
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Webpack

Backend + API Development

  • REST
  • JWT
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • NodeJS
  • Express Framework
  • NestJS
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • MySQL

Mobile App Development

  • React Native
  • Expo
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Realm
  • XCTest
  • PhoneGap
  • JQuery Mobile

Our clients include