Application software development

We love technology and we have deployed dozens of web projects using it.

We have built front-facing websites leverage server side rendering, as well as full stack larger scale projects. Some projects we've built in the past include a dashboard that import and analyses data from Salesforce, or an admin panel to manage deployment and maintenance of construction fleets and universal rendering websites for marketing campaign websites.
Whatever you need, we'll be able to build it to you.

We ♥ MERN (Mongo, Express, ReactJS and Node.js), MEAN (Angular), ReactJS + Redux, Node.js and MongoDB

Mobile app development

With our expertise of ReactJS, we have build B2B apps that use React Native allowing native rendering of mobile components for both iOS and Android.
We have deployed on both the Apple AppStore and the Google PlayStore. Since we've also have experience building mobile apps using native iOS technologies like Objective-C, Swift, Interface Builder and Realm, we have a deep understanding in optimizing the front-end mobile experience for our app users.

We are currently working on a React Native app for a client and also an internal project (hint: a social network).

Design and prototyping

At Lumen Software, our primary mission is to create beautiful software. Business software does not have to be boring nor does it have to follow existing trends. In this mobile app centered era, users expect a great deal when it comes to user interface and data visualization. We can identify with the client what kind of design language and types of data visualization that would make sense with the given requirements and data sets; we will experiment and always results in delivering an output that exceeds our clients expectations.

We also offer building for our clients a prototype or even a working MVP. We believe in rapid iterations and we generally will have a deployed strategy within two weeks of our start date. In average, we have a working MVP in about three to six months of development time depending on allocated resources.