Lumen Software is founded by a software developer that wants to disrupt the typical workings of development teams. As such, it is in our inherent core to mandate that not only does each developer are well versed in their craft and technologies but always keep up with software trends and maintain the highest level of passion. This is, from our experience, the key to our success and our clients satisfaction. For this to happen, we encourage and dedicate development time for each of our developers to partake in internal projects that can motivate expertise, sustainability, career growth at Lumen Software.


We have initiated several fun and secret projects that are currently in the works. Projects under development include contribution to open source software technologies, building mass audience mobile apps with some of our wildest ideas, and perhaps even a full production video game. All of which we plan to complete and to break boundaries while upholding our quality standards and high production values.


We are always looking for interested candidates who share our vision. If you're interested, please submit your resume to us ( Our developers enjoy a high degree of creative freedom, flexibility and rewarding career path. We want to promote and build together a culture where everyone can collaborate and work together to fulfill a common mission; which is to grow for the betterment of our clients and our team.


Executing our current plan and putting in practice our internal mandates, since inception, we can see the obvious benefits of empowering the team with a constant sense of the cutting edge, industry relevance and personal growth. The passion is massive at Lumen Software and our effort in the lab allow everyone to reap the benefits from each harvest. Every day, we continue building and advancing alongside the ever changing landscape and paradigm of software design and engineering.